“I have been coming to Deer Lake Auto Sales for 20 years because of their excellent service both at the front desk and mechanical. Prices are always reasonable—they beat all the other dealerships and garages on their labor rates. I don’t sit around and wait forever, they get me in and out. Mary Lou is always friendly and helpful. She really looks into and researches every question that I ever had. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable people about Subarus; he knows everything when it comes to them. He is quick to get answers and get repairs done that my car actually needs. I just bought my second car here, and I will buy my next car here.”

-Mike Yaworsky


“Every time I call for service, the staff is always friendly and accommodating. Whether it’s a minor service like an oil change or a major repair job, I feel confident that the experienced team at Deer Lake Auto Sales will get my car running like new. I like the family feel you get coming here, unlike the big, corporate chains. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable, what more can you want?”

-Dan Snopek


“I have been coming here for the past four years ever since I purchased my first Subaru from Deer Lake Auto Sales. I will not take my car anywhere else but here for service and the whole bit. This is the only place I will ever take my Subaru. The people here are very nice here, they have knowledgeable mechanics, and good service. One of the many reasons, I keep coming back is because of their mechanic Joe, he is a very nice young man and a very good mechanic and he takes the time to explain everything to me. They treat me really well here! As a 1st time Subaru buyer, I am amazed–they are unbelievable in the snow!”

-Andy Messaros


“We have bought three Subarus from Deer Lake Auto Sales over the years. The cars are so reliable and have well over 200,000 miles on them. The staff is really helpful and very friendly. Service is done right and finished in a timely fashion. I have recommended Deer Lake Auto to all my family and friends and will continue to do so.

The staff is like part of our family.”

-John and Melanie Zook


“First, as a value shopper, Deer Lake has become my last stop for auto sales and repair. What is value? If I pay a little and get a loss, would I be happy? An honest transaction; good work and a fair price, that’s the ticket! Did I say “good” work, make that excellent work!! Fair price equals excellent value. Deer Lake Subaru is  the best car place!”

-Bob Higgins


“I have been a customer here for many years—with using both the notary service and auto business. The staff have always been courteous and cheerful towards my needs. I highly recommend Deer Lake Auto Sales for any of your notary or car service/sales needs.”

-Tom Rarick


“I have been bringing my Subaru to Deer Lake Auto Sales for service for over 7 years. They earned my trust and continued business by providing quality work, honest advice, and a friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend their services to any Subaru owner.”

-Megan Sonday


“I have been to dealers all my car buying years. Deer Lake Auto Sales treat you like you matter. The area that you wait in for your car is comfortable and they are very pleasant to talk to. The prices are far below what a dealer would charge and their employees are very experienced in what needs to be done. They don’t talk you into things that you don’t need for your car.”

-K. William March


“Trusted, reliable service is what you get at Deer Lake Auto whether they are providing that service on a new or pre-owned Subaru.  We’ve never had a concern on the quality of service nor have we ever lacked the confidence we’ve placed in them as it has always been “top notch.” The owners and staff at Deer Lake Auto have always been honest professionals and we are truly fortunate to have such professionals in our local area for quality Subaru needs.

-Phyllis and Denis Orthaus


“We have been customers and friends with Dave and Mary Lou for over 20 years. We have bought several Subarus, received top notch service, replacement parts when needed, and inspections in a timely manner. They have up-to-date equipment to do any job and have knowledgeable employees. We have recommended Deer Lake Auto Sales to our friends and neighbors. They are impressed by the cleanliness of the shop, the courtesy at the desk, and the service. We will always be a Subaru family. We hope you will stop in, meet the owners, and take a Subaru for a ride!

-Vic and Diane Centeleghe


“My personal need is to do business with honest, experienced, and dedicated people. I want open, thorough, and hard-working service. I have bought 6 Subarus from Deer Lake Auto Sales because I receive excellent sales and excellent service here!

-Reverend Jeffrey Craig Stonesifer


“I have been coming here for 20 years. I bought 4 cars from Deer Lake Auto Sales and I am totally satisfied with them.  They were always upfront with me for what my car needed and what it didn’t need. All repairs were done in a timely fashion. Both Mary Lou and Dave are great to deal with and all around great people. If anybody asks me about where they should get a car, I always tell them go to Deer Lake Auto Sales.

-Mike Mitchell


“I have been coming here for 25 years, ever since Dave started Deer Lake Auto Sales. I really like it here, I am 85 years old and they have always been very kind to me. I bought 3 Subarus from Dave and he serviced all of them. I love Dave and Mary Lou–I am very happy with Deer Lake Auto Sales.”

-Jim Bainbridge


“My wife and I have purchased four vehicles from Deer Lake Auto Sales within the last eight years. The sales experience has been friendly, and nothing but professional. The vehicles are excellent and the service is excellent too. We, my wife and I, would recommend Deer Lake Auto Sales to everyone that would like to purchase a Subaru. The experience at this dealership for us has been great!

-Jim Malec


“My experience with Deer Lake Auto Sales has been very good. The people there are genuine and they are there for their customers. When you buy a vehicle from Deer Lake Auto, you are not just another customer who bought a car from a used car dealer. These people stand behind their vehicles they sell and they truly aren’t happy unless you are happy. Even though the highway (Route 61) is currently under construction and there is some inconvenience getting there from southbound lane, I will still keep going back for regular services because I know I can’t go wrong. When it comes time to purchase another Subaru, I will purchase again from Deer Lake Auto Sales.”

-Ken Penkowksi


 “I purchased a car from Deer Lake Auto Sales years ago, and continue to have routine maintenance performed there. Always pleasant and professional the group is. Getting there is getting to be a little tricky as major construction goes on. Follow the signs for Auburn and you’ll find it.

-Paul Murphy


“Today, August 8, 2014, I purchased another vehicle from Deer Lake Auto Sales in Deer lake, PA. Nothing is out of the ordinary about a small car dealer selling a car, but to me it is extraordinary. This was the 11th time we’ve purchased a vehicle from Dave and Mary Lou. My first purchase was in 1995 and I have been going back ever since. 6 vehicles for myself, and 5 additional vehicles for different members of my family.

Every single time I walked the lot there was no pressure on me to buy as many dealers do. You just look at the cars and ask for the keys to take it for a ride. Both Dave and Mary Lou have been just like family all these years. They started out in a small garage and expanded a bit but they haven’t changed; it is still a no pressure family atmosphere. They don’t’ have to sell you the cars as Subaru’s sell themselves. All 11 of the cars have been more reliable than I could have hoped for. If a vehicle does need repair, Dave and his crew have ALWAYS done a great job. Another of the great things is you know you are getting quality stuff as Dave goes over every car before it is on the lot. That means a lot; you know you aren’t going to need brakes in 9 months.”

– John Belfiore


“I brought my Subaru to Deer Lake Auto Sales for them to look at the car. I was greeted with a nice smile and they knew my name which made me feel like a valued customer. Also, Mary Lou and Erika asked how I was and had a nice conversation with me, not just sitting me down and not saying a word to me like at other dealerships that I have been to. The main reason I come back to Deer Lake Auto Sales is how they stand behind their work on their vehicles.  I would strongly suggest to anyone that has a Subaru to come here for any and all issues.”

-Brooke Straka


“At Deer Lake Auto they are like family, very friendly. When you call, they fit you in and their service is excellent. They really make you feel comfortable because they are great people. I would tell anyone about Deer Lake Auto Sales and I will buy a car from them every time. The cars are great, and the people there are wonderful.”

-Esther Zelwalk


“Love Deer Lake Subaru! When I was in an accident with my Taurus, which was totaled, I came into Deer Lake Auto Sales.  When my son picked out a 1997 Outback with 54,000 miles for me, I was happy, it was the perfect height for an older person to get in and out. That was in 2008. Well, I now have 182,000 miles on the same Subaru and its going strong.  Excellent service, excellent staff. Thanks Deer Lake Subaru.”

-Doris Heim


“I have been buying and repairing cars at Deer Lake Auto Sales for many years.  They have always been there for me in my most needed hours like when your car breaks down. They have provided good mechanical advice and if they don’t know the answer, they will ask other experts. All staff are polite, helpful, and a great support.  Thanks to All!!”

-Deb Bossler


“I think they do very good work, and they are very reasonable. I have my car for 6 years and they are the only one that I let work on it. I never had a problem with setting up an appointment. They have great mechanics, as well. And they are just very good people.”

-Keith Russell


“We purchased our first Subaru from Deer Lake in 2008. At first look the prices seem to be a little high, but then you are shown a list of all the work that is done to each car before they place it on the lot– You then find that the price is fair. You also find that they stand behind their work that they do. They take great pride in making sure your Subaru is running like new. The Subaru we purchased in 2008 now has over 200,000 miles and still runs as well as when we purchased it. A few months ago, we purchased our second Subaru from them. I would recommend Deer Lake Auto Sales to anyone that is looking for a good, reliable, used Subaru. If you do business with them, you will find them to be fair, honest, and caring.”

-William and Jan Bushby


 “The Subaru I am currently driving is the first and only Subaru I have ever owned. I bought this pre-owned car in 2003 from Deer Lake Auto Sales. It is a ’98 Forester that had 98,000 miles on it when I bought it. I never bought a car with that many miles on it my entire life. Deer Lake Auto Sales assured me that I should not worry that I would get 300,000 plus miles from it. Today, October 2014, eleven years later, my Forester is at 267,430 miles—still a trusted and reliable car. It is driven almost every day. Deer Lake Auto Sales with their attentive eye for detail and possible problems is the reason I am still driving this 17 year old Subaru. Nobody else would care as much as they do. I love my Subaru!”

-S. Regnal Leibensperger


“I needed a reliable car that I could trust in the snow to get me back and forth from work for a good price. Mary Lou called me and told me that they had an older Subaru Outback with 182k miles on it that they serviced with 2 new headgaskets, water pump, timing belt, etc. and that this would be perfect for my price range. Dave personally detailed the car inside & out and the car was immaculate. Then he showed me everything under the hood and it looked brand new. I always had numerous Jeeps throughout my life and I thought they were great in the snow but my Subaru definitely handled better than any Jeep I ever owned! Subaru’s are the best cars in the snow. My repairs for my Subaru were half the price that my Jeep repairs were. This car saves me so much money in gas, too. I couldn’t be any happier with my Subaru, thanks to Dave and Mary Lou. Also, Deer Lake gave me a worksheet of all the repairs and parts that went into the car before they sold it to me and that made me feel relieved so that 3 months down the road I wouldn’t have a major repair to pay for.

If you are looking for a Subaru, make sure you ask the other dealers out there what they serviced the car with because Deer Lake is the only dealership that I have been to that services their cars before they sell them. That’s good business!”

-Matthew Brilla


“I have bought 2 Subarus from Deer Lake Auto Sales and both of them are really great vehicles. Deer Lake is a family owned and operated business. The entire family is very nice and give excellent service at a very reasonable price. I have been getting my vehicles serviced by them for the past 15 years and I highly recommend them for sales and service.”

-Bruce Schneck


“I went in for an oil change and waited in their clean and relaxed atmosphere waiting room. Thanks to their prompt service, I was in and out and on the road in no time. They are always friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

Deer Lake Auto Sales is the only place I have my Subaru serviced at and the only place I will purchase our Subarus from!”

-Deb Luckenbill


“I’ve been to Deer Lake Auto Sales for repairs and also my current vehicle. I couldn’t be happier with their services. The staff is friendly and professional. I don’t trust anyone working on my Subaru except for Deer Lake Auto because of their reputation and experience. If you’re looking for a reliable and safe car, make sure to give Deer Lake a call.”

-Joseph Burns


“I have purchased 3 Subarus from here and so far I am totally satisfied with the hospitality and customer service. If my car broke down or needed repairs, I was given a loaner vehicle on the spot–even on a Saturday morning at 7:00 am. This is a great place to buy a car.”

-Greg Bohr


“I really enjoyed all the repairs that have been done on my automobile. This place sells cars at a really good rate. Dave and Mary Lou are great!!”

-Daryn Puhala


“EXCELLENT SERVICES! You don’t wait forever, it’s close to home, and easy to get to.”

-Diane Jean Miller


“Deer Lake Auto has met and exceeded our expectations in every way. They are friendly, courteous, and go out of their way to make you feel that you are family instead of a customer. Excellent service all-around. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for a car.”

-Dorothy and Mark Thorne


“Deer Lake Auto Sales has high quality care, well-serviced cars, and very friendly staff that are knowledgeable. They have excellent follow-up service after buying several cars from them in the past. We will be buying more cars from them in the future.”

-Bill Malenka


“I have been a customer for over ten years. I never had a major malfunction with the cars, and I always had prompt, courteous, and reasonably-priced service for maintenance repairs of minor malfunctions. Therefore, I chose to buy a second Subaru again from Deer Lake Auto Sales, without even test driving it.”

-Krista Essler