About Us

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Deer Lake Auto Sales is family- owned and family-operated business. We have been selling, trading, and servicing quality pre-owned Subarus for the past thirty years and we absolutely love what we do!!

People ask us all the time, “Why a Subaru?” and we respond, “Why not a Subaru?” Subarus are extremely reliable cars, inexpensive to repair, great in the snow, maintain their car value, and only consume 22-32 miles per gallon.

Here at Deer Lake, we buy, sell, and trade Subaru’s. Although, we do have a variety of different vehicles here from time to time, we do prefer to specialize in Subarus.

Some of our Subaru services that we include are rebuilding/installing engines, replacing head-gaskets, inspections, emissions, oil changes, tie rods, axles, and wheel bearings for our customers. In addition to our maintenance services, we also have a notary available to do title work, t-tags, out-of-state plates, or registrations. Financing options can be found here.

Most importantly, we pride our business on keeping our customers satisfied and safe at all times. Before we put a car on our front row, our trained technicians check over the head gaskets, brakes, rotors, and all applicable items to ensure the car has been fully serviced and passes PA state inspection.

We provide a detailed worksheet on each one of our cars that provides the customer with the necessary information on the car’s current tire tread, brake measurements, and other replaced items. This means if a car needs headgaskets, tires, brakes, wheel bearings, etc.; the car will most certainly get it before the car is put on our front row.

Essentially, we encourage our customers to call if they need anything and we really mean it; even if it is a simple check engine light—we want our customers to have peace of mind when they drive away in a Subaru from Deer Lake Auto Sales.

Our location is right on Route 61 and 10 minutes away from Cabela’s Sporting Goods store. My husband and I truly appreciate our loyal customers and look forward to our meeting new customers, come visit us today!

– Dave and Mary Lou Stone—Deer Lake Auto Sales